Miller Wicks (NI) Limited

Manufacturers of hand crafted quality wooden flutes

Repairs & Parts

Here at Miller WIcks N.I we carry out repairs to flutes and piccolos and we can supply spares for our own instruments and pads for most other makes.



Disassemble instrument, clean body and key-work, oil bore, straighten bent keywork re-seat pads, check corks and springs, re-assemble, lubricate and regulate to good playing order £25.00.

Overhaul / Re-pad:

Disassemble instrument, remove excess wear in key-work, clean key-work, clean main body, replace all pads (and springs as necessary), seat pads throughout, renew all corks and felts, refit tenons as appropriate, lubricate, set up action and test £55.00

Postage & Packaging will be extra and will depend on the size of the order.

 Refurbished rosewood Hawkes & Son London F Flute with 4 keys

 Pads & Springs


 Miller Wicks Crown Spare Pads

11.5 mm Brown Leather Delux Clarinet Pads

£18.20 per set (5 key)

or £3.50 each

13.5 mm Brown Leather Delux Clarinet Pads


£4.20 each Suitable for D# Key

 Pads also available in smaller sizes begining at 6mm. Available in 0.5 increments


 Stainless Steel Leaf Springs

 .95p each.  per spring


Stainless Steel Spring Wire.

£2.00 per metre


 Natural Cork Sheet

Suitable for Tenon joints and Keys

£7.20 per sheet



 Cork Grease Lipstick Style

 £3.50 each


 Cleaning Rods



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