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The Finger Chart

The B flute can play 34 notes however few flutes on the market can reach high A# and high B and few tunes for marching bands are arranged with these two notes, so I won't include them on this chart.

The notes run from low d to low c# in the lower octave , middle D to middle C# in the middle octave and high D' to High A' in the higher octave.

Most tunes for marching bands are arranged to be played loudly so the tunes can be heard  from some distance therefore the lower octave is usually played in arrangements by melody flute bands and corps of drums where the need for bass notes are played to compliment the melody, however when learning, the low octave is the easiest to play.



 As you can see from the above illustration the holes are numbered from 1 - 6. To correctly cover these holes the following fingers should cover the corresponding holes;

1. Left index finger

2. Left middle finger

3. Left ring finger

4, Right index finger

5. Right middle finger

6. Right ring finger

The correct fingering for the keys is explained briefly on 'Learning To Play' but you find the most common fingering for the two and a half octaves played by the flute below.

To download a finger chart for the flute click on the following link 

PDF  Finger Chart B♭ Flute

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