Miller Wicks (NI) Limited

Manufacturers of hand crafted quality wooden flutes


Quotes I purchased a flute from Miller Wicks in 2006. It was the first wooden flute I ever owned and I was impressed by the beautiful tone of the instrument. The finish on the woodwork and keys was immaculate and although I collect flutes and have quite a few from different makers, I am still impressed with my Miller Wicks B♭ and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a good quality instrument. Quotes
Stuart Boyd
Fluter and promoter of the B♭Flute

Quotes On 17 Nov 2014, at 08:17, Just received my new crown Bb flat fife from miller wicks, this instrument is a piece of precision craftsmanship and has clear quality sharp sound, the keywork is true with perfect alignment and top end finishes, I waited three weeks for my fife due to other large orders but well worth the wait. James Longmire,Wishaw,Scotland. Quotes
James Longmire
Wishaw Scotland

Quotes I used to play the piccolo in a Corps of Drums band in London 30 years ago. I recently bought and E flat picollo from Miller Wicks and it only took me about a week to get back into playing it. The Piccolo is well made and the action on the springs and keys is very fluid, I love it and play it every week in the local British Legion Band. Good Luck to Paul and the rest of the team at Miller Wicks NI Ltd. Quotes
William McFee
Piccolo is exquisite